My idea of wellness used to mean eating healthy and working out as a teenager and a young adult. However, when I became a mama my idea of wellness drastically changed. Wellness to me is still eating healthy, in fact I eat raw. I still work out, but wellness has become so much more than that. It is holistic and spiritual in nature for me. It includes working inward, too. We can't look at ourselves as fragments. We are whole beings. I began to examine the whole self, the whole body, and the whole soul.  

    I continue working out and eating healthy but I expand my consciousness to practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation. And I have not been limited to just that, in fact, I didn’t limit myself at all!  That is what wellness is about, not placing limits on living your life with joy and love!

   Wellness is doing what you love to do, what speaks to your heart, your passions. For example, I am passionate about yoga, art, writing, music, holistic education, and healing. Every day I weave into my busy mama life a little bit of these jewels.

   I am also passionate about my spirituality. I am a psychic medium, energy healer, spiritual teacher and coach. I'm also a certified teacher and learning consultant. And yes! I'm a busy home school mama of two! All of these aspects mean wellness to me. They make me whole and nourish my soul.

    Another way I weave wellness into my life is through my children. Children are amazing teachers of joy, freedom, abundance, happiness, and love!  I just watch and listen. They have taught me to go with flow of life and not to resist. They have, by example, shown me how to open my heart and unconditionally love.

    They show me what they are passionate about; it is so exciting because they do not see themselves as separate from the world like us adults do!  For example, my son and daughter say that they see fairies, they build fairy houses, they speak to them, and they leave blueberries out in the woods for them. I encourage them to express whatever they see or know to be true. I nourish them by allowing them the space to weave in their own beliefs and passions.

    Another example I would like to share is about my daughter. Since she was very young, she would say that she hears music all of the time and must compose. I would encourage her to just play anything as a musical instrument and "write down" her songs, even when she could not read or write. She wrote that music down and now plays the violin, guitar, kinderlyre, and glockenspiel. She has the most beautiful creations and she is seven years old. She truly is passionate about music, singing almost all day! It is her creativity that is wellness to her. It nurtures her soul. 

   Another example of this is the way my son creates his stories. He will build amazing structures using tree blocks or wooden blocks and tell me stories! He will draw or paint pictures and create a play from his pictures. He is often found illustrating a book that he created and will share with our family. Writing, telling stories, and drawing seem to be his passions and he is only four years old! He shows me that our passions are fluid, they move and change and that is a great lesson to me with the idea of wellness. 

    Another large part of our family's idea of wellness is being out in nature. There is not a day that goes by that we are not outside, even for just a little bit of time. I find that all of our creativity, happiness, that passion for life is nourished by the outdoors. We create art outdoors and explore. Even with nature, it is always fluid and moving; sometimes we love to be at the beach, hike in the woods, or take a trip to the mountains. I would say not only individually but as a family, it is this energy from various settings of nature that help nurture our souls and make us whole. It recharges us and creates beauty and appreciation of life!

    Wellness to me is a balanced life and it has no limitations. When I weave all my passions and excitements in throughout my life each day, I just find joy, love, excitement for life, and happiness in almost everything and anything I do. I feel connected to others. I find this is what nurtures my soul and is my spirituality. As long as I am joyful, feeling nurtured, loved, and fulfilled in anything I pursue, I then have a sense of wellness.  But ultimately wellness to me is being fully present and loving life!

Maria Ferrara Weinert

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