The memories that each of us has as a young person when we were told how pretty or handsome we were, how special, funny, or even important we were, we remember into adulthood. It may not be apparent, but we feel it in our every reaction to a comment made.

Happiness comes in many forms. The difficulty is trying to determine what the factor was that made you happy and tapping in to it. I don't have one particular reason for my happiness. It is this randomness that has made me who I am.  Me: a happy person.  Perhaps it’s because I take each moment and process it with humor. For me laughter is a reaction and a gift. It is my medicine.

I love to make people smile. If by doing so I've made myself look silly, I don’t care. I’m happy that one person who's been trudging around with a frown on their face or deep worry lines across their forehead is now beaming. I've turned a negative into a positive. Laughter equals wellness.

I think it’s important never to hold a grudge. You have to be able to release and forgive those that you are at wills with. It takes much more energy for a person to harbor a grudge than to let it go. Picture all that wasted pent up energy eating away at your body like a fungus creating Swiss cheese. I love cheese but I am not about to become a walking wedge of Jarlsberg.

I take my cue from children. They fall down, shake it off, and then run around again. Sure they run to their mommas or poppas and want “boo boo” kisses. Who doesn't want that?  Of course when you’re an adult you can't live by a child's rules. You have to pick yourself up again, brush the dog shit off your pants, and lick your own wounds.

It's OK to cry, but even better to laugh. So you didn't get that role in a play. Your car broke down on the freeway. The furnace shut down during mid-winter. And your bank account reads sub-zero. It's OK. One day the absurdity will come rushing at you. Resist the urge to cry.  Instead, shake your head and keep going. You could’ve been cast in the role of a Jackass, your car was a lemon anyway, and what better way to have an indoor camp out than a freeze out in your own home.

I work with the general public and I use my happy nature to throw people off. When I meet with an aggressive person, for example, someone who wants to verbally whack me one, I just smile.  Now this often incurs a few responses from my verbal attacker. The first reaction is often outrage at me for being so pleasant; they can’t seem to comprehend that I’m not challenging them.  Their second response is usually shock. They realize that their acidity didn't work on me. And lastly they are dumbfounded. They’d be so confused by my smile and kindness that they no longer remember why they were angry. Of course, this doesn’t always work.

And when all else fails, I feign sickness and run. And I have!  

Although there are many other situations where I use smiling and laughter to deflect life challenges, I can’t include them without losing focus. Get over it. There are books out there for this sort of thing. Really.

My current happiness comes from an occasion that exceeds normality. Feel free to laugh at my stupidity and/or lack of knowledge when it comes to simple things.

For months on end I had been sleeping on an air mattress. It was a very sturdy one, and therefore never had to worry. A few weeks ago I noticed that I was starting to melt into the bed. I chalked this up to a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately I was wrong. The leak continued each night until I found myself on the floor. My mattress was one that you plug in and hit a button to inflate so I figured I could deal with it. I was so wrong.

After a few nights of sleepless nights and aching muscles, I gave up. I had to get a REAL bed.  After shopping, delivery, and family helping me get the bed into my apartment, I had a problem. The box spring would not fit up my stairwell. I, being the ever so stubborn one, decided that without my posse to help me I would do it myself. Of course that would be the mark of one of my stupidest and most remarkable moves of my life. 

I was trying so hard to be independent and strong that I fought the box spring into a lodged position.  I had to call someone. I called friends that I thought might be available.  As embarrassing as the whole thing was, my friend Rich came in, pushed the box spring over the wedge it was caught in and then turned to me and smiled. I was done. 

You never know when it’s your time for happiness. Always laugh at the absurd.  I am happy. 
~ Lyn Hernandez

I'm imagining you blocking your stairwell with the box springs. I hope the neighbors had a sense of humor!


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