Wellness Tools and Balance
By Tammy Mullens

Maintaining wellness in my life involves my whole being: body, mind, and spirit. There’s life and empowerment in everything I see, feel, and hear.

Acceptance and appreciation are keys to living in the present moment, along with acknowledgement of each breathing moment counts towards my wellness. Knowing that every cell in every living thing, talks to every other cell in every other living thing, is a powerful tool to use in keeping the balance of wellness in my life.

During my morning walks, even the stones and dirt on the path become a part of my day, along with the singing birds and the leaves whispering in the breeze. Maggie’s pant and my breath talk to each other carrying on a conversation that can’t be heard with human ears.
The trees I pass say hello to my living and dying cells. The stones talk to the cells in my feet, and that travels up through my body, waking, teaching, learning from one another. Exchanging information that only my subconscious hears.

All of my senses come alive with the treasures of what’s ahead of me. Thoughts race through my brain, but I calm them with the smells and sights of the morning air, breathing deeply and feeling the presence of now.  I focus my breath, focus my attention on the clouds, focus on taking one step and another, one foot in front of the other…

I cherish these morning walks for the balance they bring my day. If by chance I can’t take a walk, I find other ways to bring focus and wellness to my day, because with age comes the wisdom that without focusing on the important things, the day makes itself. Personally, I’d rather make my day and I do that by starting with feelings of calm. Starting out steadfast, grounded, and focused makes me ready for what there is to come in the next moment.

Because I work as a police and fire dispatcher, I need the calm I start with at home each day to carry me through my work day, a day that is fairly stressful. I wear jewelry made of different stones to help me maintain this focus and balance. I believe all creations hold a vibration, a life force; certain stones and crystals help serve as a reminder of that life force and bring me back to my center while I‘m away from home.

I also use essential oils for the very same reason. It amazes me how the frequencies of these oils can hold me to that higher frequency in times of high stress. Oils can be measured in hertz and are blended for specific needs for body, mind, and spirit. It still surprises me to know that essential oils can actually be measured in this way, proving they do have a life force all their own.  I can feel the difference in my being within a few minutes of inhaling or applying the oils.   I give thanks to mother earth for each and every beautiful life-giving thing she gives us.  Her wellness is our wellness. 

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