I recently asked people with whom I am connected through various social networks if they would write an essay for me on the notion of wellness.  There were several reasons why I asked for these writings.
     In my desire to grow my business, I felt it was important to create what I knew was missing on this site: community.  I would like this site to be a place of lively discussion, I'd like to see people actively using it as a resource and I'd like it to become a place of safety for them.    
     I also felt that the exercise of writing about what being well looks like to people who I know would enjoy visiting this site would be *useful*  As you may already know, one of my hopes is to teach people through this business that writing is an important way to access your own answers.  Writing is thinking but writing is also freedom.  Freedom to admit things to yourself that you've been hiding away under all the layers of I-can'ts and I shouldn't's and the daily dust of every day life.  I didn't imagine however that it would lead me to challenge everyone who visits this blog to "try this at home" but that is exactly what I'm doing. I've included in my newsletter three wellness writing prompts. 
     Anyway, here is the first batch of wellness essays. I have divided them up to be separate entries so that you can leave comments for each one of them. I hope you appreciate the writing as much as I do.  All I ask is that if any or all of these articles move you, please say so in the comments.  If you see yourself in any of them, I pray you will speak up, or, better said, write in the comments.  This is the way of community.  Enjoy!

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