Diamonds aren’t rare they just take time to become diamonds. And while the average piece of coal under the right conditions can take tens of thousands of years, you don’t have that much time so let’s speed things up shall we? :-)

Sure, greatness doesn’t happen overnight.   And what does ‘greatness’ even mean?  Well, it means different things to different people. 

If you’re in a rut, or you're bored lately with your life, perhaps what you need is to gain a little instant wisdom by tapping into how somebody else became great. 

I’m a big fan of any place (virtual or otherwise) where information is stored. True I am an information junkie but I am also a student of life, a vocation, by the way, that I highly recommend.

Is there someone you’ve always admired?  Someone who has always intrigued you?  Do you have a hero or heroine, someone who you've always wished you could be more like? Here’s your shot at finding out more about them.

Go to the bookstore or library and find a book about that person.  Give yourself a deadline so you don’t let everything else come first. Believe me, this is an exercise you will not be sorry you did. 


At the age of 19 months Helen Keller suddenly lost her ability to hear and see. Scientists today think that she was probably struck with scarlet fever. Against all odds, she grew up to be a woman of enormous intelligence and persistence.  If you want to know more about her, here are three books I can recommend to you: 

1. To Love this Life: Quotations by Helen Keller, written by Helen Keller, forward written by Former President Jimmy Carter.
2. The Story of my Life by Helen Keller
3. How I Would Help the World by Helen Keller


As you're reading the book have a small notebook handy. When you see something that really makes you smile with delight, jot it down. No more than five points before you're done with the book. Then go to your journal and pick the point that really wows you.  Let it inspire you.  Let your fingers fly over the keyboard or let your pen speed along the paper until you've got nothing left.

Come back to us here. Who did you pick? What did you learn? What are you planning to emulate? 

May you have great adventures!

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