Imagine yourself when you were in middle school. What were you good at? Sports? The arts? Were you a math wiz? Did you like inventing things? Did you dream you would take apart your dad’s car and put it back together again? 

What were some of your favorite foods? What are some of the smells that take you back to this time of your life?  Was there something you did every weekend?  Like go visit your grandparents? Play in the garden?

Was there a room you spent the most time in?  When no one was looking, what kind of things did you do?  Did you pretend to be a disc jockey? Did you invent dance routines that you taught your girlfriends?

Whatever you did back then, take yourself there using as many senses as possible.

Get your journal or a notebook or go to your computer and write down/type three things that you swore to your friends and family you would do when you were grown up.  Just write these three wishes in their simplest form. 

Now look at your list. Really look at it. Forget about why you haven’t done these things. Regret is a poison. You did what you did back then. Those things were an important way to get you to where you are now.

But right now, can you take small steps to get there? Pick the dream that means the most to you.  Can you find someone who will work with you or support you?  Could you recruit your great aunt to babysit once a month? She keeps saying how much she's been dying to spend more time with them, they're growing up so fast!   

How amazing do you think it would feel to do something you’ve always wanted to do?
What could something like this do for your health and your overall life effectiveness? What kind of example might you be providing for your children, your family and the people in your life, by doing something that you’ve been putting off?  Hmmm?

Until next time!  Ciao!

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