Have you ever found yourself feeling annoyed or angry about a situation at work or home?  Sure you have.  We've  all been there.

Say your son never takes the garbage out even though this chore has been assigned to him for over a year now.  Rather than fight with him, you’ve been taking it out instead.

Tonight you come home from work really late. You're exhausted, the garbage is piled high in the kitchen closet and your head is pounding.

You find your son in the backyard playing basketball and yell out:

“Would it KILL YOU just this once to THROW OUT THE DAMNED GARBAGE?!”

Not much fun right?

Here’s an exercise to help you cope with and prevent this kind of fall out. 

Watch a movie that is guaranteed to make you laugh, call a friend who you can cut up with or go out after work with your best friend and vow to revisit the crazy, goofy, funny things the two of you did in high school. Do NOT complain about the family that takes you and your hard work for granted.

That night when everybody is asleep, grab your journal.  Write out that scene in the backyard only THIS time, find a funny way to tackle it.  Go back in time and do it differently. 

Tap into your funny bone.  If you can’t think of anything right away doodle silly images on the page.  Keep it light. 

Maybe you could’ve slipped a treasure hunt map under your son’s dinner plate adding a garbage can image instead of the treasure chest. Maybe you could have put the garbage in front of his closed bedroom door with a silly pair of shades and a baseball cap on it, tap the door, run around the corner to see how he’ll react when he sees the goofy bag.   Maybe you could've left him a picture of the GEICO gecco on his bedroom door with a bubble over his head saying, “Do what I do!  Take out the garbage!  I love taking the garbage out! Don’t you? Sooooo satisfyin' mate!”

The point to this exercise is to be both resourceful and to keep your sense of humor.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll become known as the family prankster.   Remember when you and your best friend promised each other you’d never be like your parents by taking everything so seriously? 

Journal writing + creative problem solving + rubber chicken = great idea!

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