So for those who do keep up with time, and who doesn't, you may have noticed I haven't updated my blog in three months. Long story short, there was an aspect of my life that needed my laser focus.

But I noticed that the longer I was 'away' from this aspect of my life coaching/writing consultation business, the longer I was putting it off.

So today I got to thinking about why this was happening; I came up with something to do with habits. And disapproval. And ugly stuff like shame. Now I'm no expert on that emotion but I can tell you I don't like how it feels. 

I like lists. To do lists, top ten lists, grocery lists, lists of things I need to keep or get rid of, lists of which fun things I want to try in the next month, lists of dreams deferred.

Have you ever done a vision board? Or do you own a journal?  Make this one fun by using pictures. Most of us have a pile of magazines somewhere in the house. Heck, I even like the idea of comic book images.  Whatever your source of inspiration, enjoy yourself. Cuddle up with the doggy, sip a glass of iced tea on your porch, and flip through pictures.  When the image calls to you, cut it out.  Look for words that pop out for you too. Let your intuiton take over.  Are there crayons in the house somewhere? markers? Go back in your mind to kindergarden. Have a glass of milk and cookies. 

When you're done take a photo of your creation. I will post  mine next week. And I will post others as they come in.  Go ahead. Spend an hour or visiting your dreams. You might really surprise yourself by what you uncover!

Happy Dreaming <3

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