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I was looking for a photo that was inviting and I found this one. 


This website is in its ninth month of existence.  Most of my activity during that time however, has been on Facebook. 

That's in the midst of changing. 

If this is your first time here, or you've never actually made it past either of my Facebook accounts, WELCOME!

I've got some ideas cooking in the oven so bear with me.  Or is that bare?  Bear looks right.  No it doesn't.  Which one is correct?  Anybody know?  :-)

My friend and fellow writer Jackie Lee invited me (and all of her other blogging/entrepreneurial friends) to write a "Top Five" blog.  It's a lovely idea. Great way for me to transition into using my site more often.  I want to make a "go" of setting myself apart from FACEBOOK by inviting people to THIS website, a place of good humor, inspiration and community, a site where perhaps you might happen upon a service or workshop that is worth your time and/or money.

So here is my contribution to Jackie's Top Five Blog Carnival.  She will be posting everyone's links soon so please check out her site:



1. Immediately limit your exposure to people, events and information that go against your values.  Not because your values don't occasionally deserve to be challenged but because we are what we think/process.  In other words, "garbage in, garbage out."  As an example, I rarely watch television.   I also don't expose myself to media theories on which political/governmental figure(s) we should blame for our problems.  I don't watch reality tv where participants name-call, back-bite or brutalize one another.   And I don't pay much mind to commercials or ads which I know are designed not to inform me but to brainwash me.   I know what I need. I have the imagination to make those assessments. 

2. Begin a physical regimen that improves the performance of your machine (body).  This doesn't mean you have to start running.  I hate running. I find it boring and difficult. However, I *do* love dancing. And I can challenge my body (and my heart) by dancing hip-hop.  If I can't get to a club, I'll do it at home.  Pump up the volume and let those endorphins fly.  And yes, this also means have sex more often.  The human body was designed to enjoy orgasms as well as enjoy the spiritual benefits of physical and emotional intimacy!

3. Sleep enough.  Do you know how much sleep you need?  Test it out.  Go to bed with the intention of sleeping seven hours and then begin adjusting from there.  Start a sleep log.  Sleep is important for your well-being.  If you have insomnia make a doctor's appointment.  If you're online or watching TV until five minutes before bed, you are stimulating your brain.  Allow yourself an hour or more with a good book or a cup of herbal tea.  or consider spending quiet time with your children, family  or spouse.  If you have a lot on your mind, call a trusted friend and unload.  No, I mean *really* unload.  The longer you carry your burdens silently, the more unhappy and ill at ease you will become.

4. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.  

Earth= Walk in the park with the dog.  Plant something in a garden.  Make mud pies with your three year old nephew. You will be shocked at how good it feels to make genuine contact with Mother Earth.

Wind= Being a part of this world means BEING in this world.  So take D3 if you must but if all you can do is spend 45 minutes outside at lunch three times a week, brown bag it and sit outside.  Smell the wind, glance into the sky, watch the leaves dance.  As my friend Shawn says, "Feed your animal."

Fire=  When was the last time you sat around a camp fire with friends and told ghost stories?  There is something very primal and comforting about the glow and warmth that can only be provided by a fire.  Sunshine counts as fire too.  Let the sunshine fill your eyes (but don't look right at it), let the warmth kiss your cheeks and bathe your limbs.  When you can't do those things, take a hot bath or shower or sit in a room with a fragrant candle burning and soft jazz or classical music playing in the background.  The dim lighting will magnify the flame and let you focus on your other senses.

Water= Drink more.  Every chance you get just take a sip of water.  Your body needs a lot more water than the average person drinks in a day.  Dehydration is the number two cause of headaches.  Number one?  Tension.  We hold unhealthy postures  when we are angry, bored or frustrated. 

5. Laugh more. Lighten the hell up, man!  *grin*  Most things are just not the big deal you or anyone else will have you believe.  That doesn't mean that you should become a clown 24/7. It just means that life is short.  If you can't think of ways to enjoy life more, consider hiring a professional.  Your worry, anger, frustration, and overall tedious demeanor are going to put you in the grave early and those same things aren't going to earn you any friends.  People are attracted to those who know how to enjoy life.

If you would like to learn more about my life coaching services, just ask.  My email address is Gizelle.Alexander@gmail.com or you can leave a comment.  I believe you have the option of providing your email address when you comment to my blog.  If you'd like to be notified by email when I post blogs, add your name and email address to my landing (main) page.  I don't sell or rent anybody's information.  I hate SPAM too.

Don't forget to check Jackie out. She is going to post a blog linking her friends' websites.  Jump around.  We all have these cool "Top five" lists. 

I invite you to write your own.  Please leave the link here for others to check out!  Don't have a website?  Then e-mail it to your friends or read it out loud at your next water cooler gathering.  Enjoy!


I've got to tell you. I never thought that I would agree with this list last year. This year I am actually abiding by most of what you've written. Well we both know it takes two for the intimate part, but the rest I've been on board. The laughing is the best. I feel really good when I have been with people who just make me smile. You, my friend, are one of them!


Gizelle!! I love this list! While I am a tv watcher, I agree with just about all of it and will make it my mission to start incorporating at least some of it... starting now (she says as she leaps up to refill her water glass before heading to bed with a book)!


This is a great list and really nice writing. We all make such silly excuses to skip out on healthy decisions, but our physical health is so important to our emotional well being.


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