If, like me, you remember when "The Internet" didn't exist, you're probably surprised by what you can do, who you can reach and what is possible through social media, blogging and having a general online presence. 

Being a writing consultant and life coach holds a special thrill for me; I find helping people through my talents extremely gratifying.  And through the internet I get to reach people I wouldn't encounter in my day-to-day life.  

Being online is also helpful as I find that people can be really shy about turning to a stranger for help.  Plus I don't need to charge a ton of money due to high  overhead like rent, staff or expensive leather couches! 

One of the aspects of my business that I hope to build is webinar hosting.  Unlike one-on-one life coaching, webinars are a chance to put a number of people together in one "room" and facilitate growth through the "shared journey."  It allows me to get creative, use my skills as a thinker and an empath, and it allows me to use my skills as a facilitator.  

One of the things that I know about human beings is that when they struggle they often isolate themselves believing that no one could possibly understand.  A big part of my purpose on this earth is to help people see that they're more alike than different.  We all have fears, we all have concerns, we all erect most of our own barriers. 

Webinars are like a lens to help others see.  The lenses that I choose in time will vary.  This first webinar series entitled "Finding Your Power through Voices of the Past: Memoir Writing" will include looking at past and present memoir writers to improve our own abilities to journal, learning how sibling order affects how we see the world and examining how heritage or regional philosophies shape us (and our belief systems).

My hope is that if you follow my blog, my Facebook business page, my occasional Tweets, my newsletter, or in the context of tutor or book club facilitator, you'll be curious about how I use research and creativity to help people take a closer look at their lives. 

You are not alone in this world as a seeker, a healer or a person who just WANTS MORE out of life.   Come find others like you.  Come find yourself.   What better way to live in this world than to invest in yourself? 

For those who are clever, use the code below to get fifteen percent off this three part series where I'll teach you how to use memoir writing as a lens into yourself.  "Finding Your Power through Voices of the Past" will take you to a time when women were barely considered more than wives.  The three women I've chosen (and my guest speaker makes four) will ASTOUND you through their self-stories.  They are feisty, fascinating, and, oddly enough, ordinary women who simply needed to make a difference in their own lives. 

Code: #FYP110811

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